The top 3 problems faced by B2B Marketers and how to fix them?

We recently surveyed 500 B2B Marketing leaders and CXOs to ask about the Major problem they are facing in their sales pipeline.
We asked them

What would be the immediate problem you want to fix in your B2B Marketing?

1. Pushing leads your sales team would love to close.
2. Closing the bottom of the funnel leads.
3. Wake up the dead leads.

Here are the results:
B2B Marketers

1. Pushing leads your sales team would love to close-53.85%
2. Closing the bottom of the funnel leads-30.77%
3. Wake up the dead leads-15.38%

As you can see, most people want to get leads that the SDRs would love to close. Most leads are not getting converted by the sales simply because the sales do not have the time to nurture the leads.

In sales, you get to see prospects ignoring your emails, pitches that backfire, prospects unsubscribing, and more. The first step in diagnosing this problem would be to sit back and accept feedback. Look for feedback within your sales pipeline based on your wins and failures. Prospects not buying need not necessarily be a sales problem but a marketing problem instead.

Let’s see what could be the reason for these problems and how to fix them.

1. Pushing leads your sales team would love to close.
While this may sound like a volume game, the issue may is not about the number of prospects but your demand generation strategy.
Rethink your Demand generation strategy and segment your audience based on the content consumption.
Create content hubs and focus on engaging or helping your prospects and not selling to them.

2. Closing the bottom of the funnel leads.
Your prospects are showing interest in your content, but nothing follows through. ?
This issue is perhaps the bottleneck in identifying the prospect’s specific problems and offering solutions to help them. The best way to fix this is to get to their intent data. Identify their core problem by doing some extensive account research. Sometimes reading their company news, announcements, and posts can help you.

3. Wake up the dead leads.
Do you always have a pile of stale accounts lying idle in your CRM? There could be several reasons for this.
This issue may be a demand generation problem as well. You might have skipped the Demand generation phase and been doing only the Demand capture on channels like Google Ads, and SEO.

You don’t want to keep sending bulk emails here and wait for the prospects to respond. B2B Marketers should Instead, ideate an ABM playbook that can check the real-time Intent data of the accounts.

Integrate this data with your CRM to see the accounts and prospects that would have moved up the funnel recently.
You can set up triggers based on Intent data and add the accounts or prospects to the appropriate journeys at the right time based on the real-time Intent scores.