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"It's not the size of the Dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog"

-Mark Twain

ROI with B2B marketing has always been a challenge

    • You setup a team or hire an agency to work on your marketing
    • You spend time, money, resources to bring everything together and execute the plan
    • You do social posts, create planned contents, advertise your product or service, promote them on media platforms and your own channels but never achieve the desired results

Agencies and marketing companies make it even worse, by introducing numerous techniques, tactics, and strategies. Most of them will suggest you, more original SEO friendly content, ads with better copies and creatives, better websites, better videos, and so on. Even after this, if the results are bad, they advise you to do more.

What is the real Issue?

B2B companies tend to focus on fragmented activities, like social media and paid advertising. They create loads of good content and keep doing it.Most of them will organize numerous events and build offline networks and leads.

There is a lack of strategic, scientific, and proven method or a coherent tactic to actually maximize the results and minimize the amount of hard work required for companies to grow.

The changes required for 2020 and beyond

If you want to produce tangible results, make your marketing efforts efficient, try to get maximum ROI and target a steady growth,you need to reboot your marketing.
You need to unlearn the unorganized ad-hoc techniques that you have learnt in the past.

#1: Communication:

Your blog, website, social media, and other channels should communicate what your customers want to hear.

#2: Flip your marketing funnel

Your marketing strategies revolve around attracting people to your website, content, or social platforms nurture them generally with emails, and then identify the target companies.

We flip this marketing funnel for you. We help you identify target companies first, engage them with personalized campaigns, and build engagements to turn opportunities into leads.

#3: Technology & Data

Adopt and move towards cutting-edge technologies backed by meaningful data and an Omni-channel approach. This ensures your campaigns are result-oriented and drive more conversions.

The Fuego Difference

Is it a surprise that sales does not trust leads from Marketing? Or that only 1% of leads ultimately convert to revenue?

    • We bring sales and marketing together. In traditional marketing methods, marketing focuses on “generating leads” and sales focusses on “closing accounts”. But Fuego’s ABM strategy revolves around marketing and selling to a set of accounts (or segments) that are jointly decided and defined by sales and marketing.
    • We believe and focus on a heavily personalized approach. Personalized content delivers 6-8x ROI on marketing spend and can lift sales by 10 percent or more.
    • Our well oiled ABM and Inbound strategies ensure that you not only find and land new customers, but also expand relationships with existing customers.

“Sales ignores up to 80% of marketing qualified leads”

– Marketo, Inc.

Flip the funnel, unlock greater possibilities

Fuego’s Account-Based Marketing flips the traditional funnel on its head. ABM starts with a focus on identifying those accounts you want to convert (focus on lead quality). Everything flows from this list of targets. Messages, content and offers are tailored to those accounts (or segments of accounts). Then finally, marketing and sales will execute tactics designed to convert not just to capture names or disqualify leads.

“ABM forces marketing to focus on the quality of interactions, rather than the quantity of leads.”

– Jon Miller, Co-Founder Marketo and Founder Engagio

The traditional B2B funnel is broken. In its current form, B2B marketing takes a broad approach to lead generation with the goal of capturing as many leads as possible. The inherent issue with this approach is that the funnel gets smaller towards the bottom, so the the vast majority of B2B leads — over 99%, according to Forrester Research — never become customers.

Fuego’s account-based marketing, on the other hand, flips the funnel on its head. Instead of starting with marketing channels, an ABM strategy begins with identifying and targeting best-fit accounts. Marketers can then serve personalized messaging to decision-makers at these accounts on the channels they are actively using.

marketers say ABM strategies outperform other marketing investments on ROI

marketers achieved higher ROI with ABM than with other marketing initiatives

marketers say ABM is a must have strategy for the current B2B marketplace


How do B2B companies benefit out of ABM

Smart Strategy

According to SiriusDecisions, closely aligned B2B companies grow revenue 19% faster. The first step of account-based marketing requires your sales and marketing teams to identify and agree on key accounts to target. That means both teams must focus on the same goals, in particular, generating revenue from target accounts.

Spend Wisely

With a lead-based strategy, companies spend marketing budget to acquire as many leads as possible and then qualify and pursue them. It’s far more cost-effective to determine which accounts are the best fit for you before you go after them, and then spend your money reaching them on the channels where they’re active.

Sales Intelligence

The sales process is ambiguous for hitting a speed bump when the time comes for prospective customers to get internal buy-in. Account-based marketing solves this problem by getting the right messaging in front of key decision makers at target accounts, helping to speed up the sales cycle.


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