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At Fuego, we offer ABM strategy & consulting to B2B Companies. Account based marketing enables you to align your marketing and sales to effective pursue the most profitable leads and sales-while minimizing your ad spends. ABM when not done right may become intrusive and less productive. We have developed a proven framework and methodology that works for B2B companies across Industries.

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Combine the power of strategic account-based marketing with various engagement channels such as advertising, social media, email marketing, SEO and content marketing

We help B2B companies with Account based strategy and consulting along with scaled content marketing, marketing technology optimization & Reporting. We help drive a strategy to manage and engage your target audience better with Omni channel approach.

Account based marketing (ABM), has emerged as a critical go-to -market strategy for most B2B businesses in recent years. We make ABM services available as individual solutions unlike most ABM providers who provide all in one platform. Our ABM strategy and consulting model enables you to avail high end modular ABM consulting or managed services at highly affordable prices.

ABM Advertising Strategy

Reach Your Customers across, devices, screens and platforms. Account Based Advertising helps you target the entire target account group more than just individual contacts. Our ABM advertising is planned and optimized end-to-end to cover conversions across display, retargeting, video, and many more.

ABM Re-targeting

Achieve greater accuracy for targeting using ABM email retargeting and ABM site retargeting. Increase and measure your target contacts and accounts engagement with your website and your content. Plan campaigns that serve ads directly to your website visitors at your targeted account list.

ABM Orchestration

Account Based Marketing Orchestration is how you can scale your ABM campaigns and build the nurturing workflows. The Orchestration lets you bring all your company’s resources and platforms to customize every stage of the user buying journey. This results in increase in sales, engagements, upsells, retention’s and customer loyalty. An effective Orchestration helps realize your marketing ROI quickly.

Fuego's account based marketing orchestration includes

ABM Blueprint

Account-based marketing plays-Smart plays to get quick meetings and demos.

Account Intelligence

Firmographic, technographic, and intent data to focus and optimize your campaigns.

ABM Email Outreach

Targeted email campaigns, nurture campaigns and drip campaigns.


Establishing nurturing workflows and Call-to-action (CTA)

Social Media

Social media outreach campaigns using platforms like LinkedIn to prioritize your best accounts for targeting

ABM Analytics & Reporting

Superior analytics, research, and reporting for better campaign restructuring and planning.


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