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Identify, manage, and engage your target B2B audience with complete coherence. We help you convert large target accounts with highly aligned account-based marketing strategies along with firmographic and technographic intelligence and account-based advertising.

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Ensure steady sales pipeline and linear growth

B2B businesses today, invest maximum money, time, resources, and effort on aligning sales and marketing. However, here’s a hard fact – most of their revenue comes from just 20% of their customers.

Because of this inconsistent sales and marketing alignment and a widespread focus, growth in revenue and customer acquisition from larger accounts becomes a challenge. Fuego Systems’ flagship service – account-based marketing – solves this problem by redirecting sales and marketing focus on a set objective.
We specifically target relevant accounts and plan the right kind of communication campaigns.

“Leading marketers are achieving greater success by employing Account-Based Marketing – Marketing is able to focus on quality of interactions rather than quantity of leads, align closely with sales and balance resource investment with expected return”

– Jon Miller, Co-Founder Marketo and Founder Engagio

The traditional B2B funnel is broken. In its current form, B2B marketing takes a broad approach to lead generation with the goal of capturing as many leads as possible. The inherent issue with this approach is that the funnel gets smaller towards the bottom, so the the the vast majority of B2B leads — over 99%, according to Forrester Research — never become customers.

Account based marketing, on the other hand, flips the funnel on its head. Instead of starting with marketing channels, an ABM strategy begins with identifying and targeting best-fit accounts. Marketers can then serve personalized messaging to decision-makers at these
accounts on the channels they are actively using.

Five stages to an effective flipped funnel strategy

1. Identify – The B2B marketing and sales teams must collaborate on a list of target accounts, or the companies that are the best fit for your solution.
To do this, it’s crucial that you agree on your ideal customer profile or ICP.

2. Expand – Next, you’ll take your list of target accounts and expand the information on each account like, firmographics, technographics, and the company profiles with the contact information of key stakeholders and decision-makers.

3. Engage – Once the expanded account information is available, you’ll execute your omnichannel marketing plan and begin to engage contacts in your target accounts. Your marketing automation platform and ABM technology will be instrumental in this stage as you employ a variety of sales and marketing tactics such as content marketing, social media, personalized emails, and online events.

4. Advocate – Even after your sales team successfully closes a deal, our work still goes on. We advocate, nurture and let customers know about the latest feature, updates, and services provided so that this can be spread across their network too, thereby expanding the focused target audience to refer and spread the word.

5. Measure – Finally, we measure the success of your ABM campaigns by focusing on account-level KPIs that reflect your marketing team’s contribution to pipeline and revenue (ROI). The key customer behavior and data collected at this time is crucial for making future campaigns even more efficient and effective.

“ABM is rooted in the basic idea that marketing works better when it starts by focusing on the needs and specific opportunity within a single account or a group of named accounts.”

– Meg Heuer,
VP and Group

Director, SiriusDecisions, Inc.

Account Based Marketing as a Service

Account-based marketing (ABM), has emerged as a critical go-to-market strategy for most B2B businesses in the recent years. We make ABM services available as individual solutions, unlike most ABM providers who provide all in one platform. Our ABM-as-a-Service model enables you to avail high-end modular ABM services at highly affordable prices. Check out some of our ABM service offerings.

ABM Sales Insight & Lead Gen

Ignite your sales opportunities with Technographics Intelligence backed Data-Driven Account selection. Increase Engagement with key users at your target accounts.

ABM Advertising & Re-targeting

Deliver highly personalized ads based on your target accounts and individual profile data.
Hyper target your B2B audience segments.

ABM Social Media Outreach

Supercharge your ABM strategy. Formulate and deliver hyper targeted LinkedIn and Facebook Campaigns for engaging your prospects using custom insights.

ABM Email outreach

Get better results with customized email campaigns backed with Insights about your target accounts personas.

ABM Analytics & Consulting

Identify better accounts and buyers from their behaviour data. Integrate your CRM and prioritize prospects for your sales teams based on Analytics.

The Full ABM Package

We bring all account-based marketing services together and identify, engage, manage and report your ABM campaigns ensuring best possible results.


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