Account Based Marketing
Account Based Marketing for creating Demand


Account Based Marketing for creating DEMAND.

1) Along with the Ideal customer profile, develop the entire buying committee members and influencers with data from CRM, client interviews, and your SDRs

2) Narrow down the target account lists based on real-time 3rd party intent data. Create triggers based on relevant topics and buying interests. Remember, these are NOT leads.

3) Draft the Account based advertising program focusing on the buying signals using ABM ad platforms. Platforms like Kwanzoo even provide email retargeting.
-Run Account based ads on Linkedin by uploading contacts on LinkedIn.
-Run hyper-personalized retargeting ads on ABM platforms after the first touch from LinkedIn ads. (This can help save you a lot on the CPM costs)

4) Put a Buyer scoring system on your platform as you scale up your ads. You now have a list of accounts with both 3rd party and 1st party intent signals.
-Focus on building a pipeline based on the scores. e.g., a Score of 20 and above is most engaged and automatically push them to the Marketing Qualified pipeline.

5) Engage with your relevant personas by distributing engaging content and retargeting them. Include channels like email, LinkedIn, and the website.

6) Analyze your Marketing Qualified Pipeline each week and kick start your sales campaigns to further engage them on webinars, direct mails, demos, free strategy calls, workshops, events, Etc.,
Run a blitz campaign by analyzing the user Journey carefully.

Few takeaways from this strategy.

*Content plays a crucial role in Account Based Marekting Try creating content hubs and make sure the content you create and distribute is what your customers care about the most. Make the content as relevant and personalized as possible.

* Focus on building the Marketing Qualified Pipeline first and then create campaigns to move them up the funnel to become sales qualified to your BDR’s

* If you have built a solid pipeline in 3 three months, you have done an excellent job. Make your CEO understand that converting your MQL-Pipeline to sales is more manageable than just fishing randomly.

*Put your numbers in place, iterate, understand that ABM programs take anywhere from 3 to 18 months to convert to a purchase depending on your sales cycle.
So have your account list accordingly and scale up your numbers if you want to get your ROI sooner.
It’s critical that you go after enough accounts for the program to be significant.