Are you setting up your ABM playbook?πŸ”₯
Here are eight crucial components of any ABM playbook that you should not miss.

ABM Playbook

Always remember that:
-B2B Buying Journey is not linear.
-Stop pitching to accounts too early. Most people start selling to their prospects when the awareness is significantly less.

1. Demand Generation:πŸš€
Demand Generation is the first part of the marketing funnel that focuses on building awareness, positioning relevance, supporting validation, and much more.,

2. People: ✍️
It is more effective to have a Demand Generation Manager and an ABM manager to handle Demand creation and Demand capture separately.
The Demand Generation manager will not be responsible for form-fills and conversions.
The other people to have on the team are

1. Copywriter
2. Designer
3. Paid ads specialist.

3. Technology:Β πŸ–

You would need a technology partner to see your website visitor Analytics, run programmatic ads, and get your Technographic and Intent data on Demand.

There are martech vendors that offer integrated dashboards to your native CRMs like salesforce.

4. Warmup:πŸ“’
Warmup campaigns help reach your Ideal customers in unconventional ways that are non-sales and do not require you to pitch your product or services.

It also enables you to understand your customers’ problems and pain points. πŸ’₯

Here are a few warmup campaign ideas.
Content collaborations
Research reports and more

5. Activation:πŸ’―

Activation campaigns help you engage with your bottom-of-funnel contacts who are already aware of your brand or product. You can nurture prospects from your emails or run good ABM activation playbooks here.
LinkedIn ads and retargeting can help you scale your efforts faster.

6. Demand capture:πŸ“ž
Demand Capture is a bottom-of-the-funnel process to convert your most engaged buyers to customers.
Here they already have an awareness of your brand.
Some Demand Gen channels include:

Email marketing,
Creating content hubs,
Nurturing campaigns,
Ads, SEO, G2,
Intent data,

7. Segmentation:πŸ™Œ

Segmenting your best clients based on your niche services helps you identify the right ICP and create personalized messages.
Identify a super specific segment that has the right balance between their market demand and competition.
Identify your top 3 and shortlist them.

Doing segmentation helps you close the leads faster and personalize your pitch more appropriately.

8. ICP:πŸ’₯

I would start my customer research by first interviewing my best clients.

-Understand why they chose us from other competitors
-What value proposition did we add?
-Who were the decision makers involved before buying from us?
-What were they doing before they came to us?
-What would they do if not for us
-Did something specific happen that triggered your search?
And much more..,