ABM Execution checklist for 2024

ABM ≠ Lead Generation
B2B Marketing ≠ Form fills
B2B Sales ≠ SQLs


Most B2B Marketers forget that the B2B Buyer journey is not linear, and they start to pitch in a 5-step email sequence, expecting the buyer to get excited about your product or service.

Here is the ABM Execution checklist for any ABM Program in 2024.

1. Set your goals for new revenues and deals.
2. Set up a minimal tech stack that aligns with your ABM campaigns initially.
3. Have a small team to save costs and spend more time distributing your content.
4. Make sure your Narrative and UVP resonate with the prospect’s problems.
5. Change your metrics for measuring results at every stage.

1. New High-Value Accounts
2. Pipeline Velocity
3. New verticals and markets
4. Existing customer renewals

1. CRM/Marketing automation
2. Account Enrichment
3. Programatic Ad platform
4. Intent Data

1. CXO
2. Paid Ads specialist.
3. Content creation and distribution
4. Account research
5. SDR

ICP, Narrative & Messaging:
1. Technogrpahic and firmographic data
2. Market segmentation
3. UVP & Narrative mapping
4. Buying committee
5. Account list building

Metrics & reporting:
1. Engaged Accounts
2. Sales accepted leads
3. Pipeline velocity
4. Win rates, Churn
5. Net New revenues

1. Engagement campaigns
2. Activation sequences
3. Shared playbooks
4. Alignment meetings
5. Content alignment and distribution
6. Personalization & Gifts
7. Paid advertising