5 Brutal GTM Mistakes Killing Your 2024 Growth (and How to Fix Them)🙂

✔️It’s time to switch your GTM in the cookieless world.
✔️The old ways of lead gen, SEO spam, and cold outreach may not be enough today.

Here are the 5 FATAL MISTAKES holding you back:

**Mistake #1: Demand Capture Over Community Building:

❌ Old Way: Throwing money at ads, SEO, and cold outreach in a desperate bid for leads.
✅ New Way: Invest in category creation, thought leadership, and building genuine relationships in the communities where your ideal customers gather (hint: it’s not just LinkedIn!).

**Mistake #2: Form Fills Over Human Connections:

❌ Old Way: Focusing on lead volume and MQLs, treating prospects like numbers, not people.
✅ New Way: Prioritize lead quality over quantity. Personalize outreach, understand customer needs and build trust through authentic interactions. ❤️

**Mistake #3: Star Performers Over Playbook Power:

❌ Old Way: Relying on a few sales superstars while neglecting to document and share best practices.
✅ New Way: Develop repeatable, scalable playbooks that empower your team to win deals, not just the “lucky few.”

**Mistake #4: Pipeline Volume Over Pipeline Velocity:

❌ Old Way: Getting stuck in a lead generation rut, focusing on the number of leads, not how quickly they convert.
✅ New Way: Track and optimize pipeline velocity and win rates and build a high-intent pipeline of qualified prospects ready to buy.

**Mistake #5: Silos Over Synergy:

❌ Old Way: Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success operating in separate silos, leading to misalignment and missed opportunities.
✅ New Way: Foster cross-functional collaboration. Break down the walls, share data, and work as a united front to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

What other GTM mistakes have you encountered?