How Seconize increased their MQLS by 250%

Seconize is a young promising startup providing simple and effective products and services in Integrated (IT) Risk Management space.

Seconize is founded by Sashank Dara & Chethan Anand, who have combined 35+ years of rich experience in building enterprise security products.

Fuego Systems helped Seconize grow 250% in marketing qualified leads in two quarters.

Seconize a Cybersecurity startup offers Risk-Based Vulnerability management, compliance management and other services. The company was using numerous digital marketing techniques, attended events and promoted content to manage it leads pipeline. They approached Fuego for Account Based Marketing services to bring alignment into their marketing & sales, generate more qualified leads and scale the company outside India. Since then, Fuego re-organized their marketing approach and strategy that resulted in 250% growth month-on-month over their marketing qualified leads and a substantial increase in their SQL’s. Fuego helped them get a clear insight into their entire leads pipeline so the rate of conversions increased drastically.

Key Challenges

Before Fuego, they were running different campaigns for their lead generation and growth like Email marketing, paid advertising, events, and social media. Their online and offline campaigns would run but not produce desired results.

The marketing activities at different levels and the platforms were all, operating separately. There was no Omni-channel approach and this complicated planning the marketing strategy effectively. The sales team had less information on tracking the leads based on priority or what is likely to convert.

“Fuego’s approach was more result oriented and the deliverables focused more on the engagement of the leads, increasing the quality of leads and conversion rates. There were not many Agencies offering this kind of services in the market. Seconize signed up with Fuego for Account Based marketing services and today, it offers services outside India and seeing an increase in the MQLS by over 250% and counting more.”

Lakshmipathy RK
VP – Business at Seconize

Seconize needed a whole new approach that could scale up with them and help them get more qualified leads. They had to get to an Omni-channel approach to align the marketing and sales funnel and get a more holistic view of their leads, engagement rate, decision makers, and other technographic data.

Fuego's ABM Approach

Fuego started by redesigning their existing website to make it more conversion friendly and re-write the content to reflect their core value and unique proposition. The call-to-actions were placed appropriately to convert more leads.

The ABM strategy included identifying the accounts, better targeted campaigns & modifying the reporting metrics to make better decisions for the sales team.

Seconize started to discover more value from Fuego's Zero-waste marketing approach.

A marketing framework was created that resulted in an increase in the MQLS and SQLS.

Generating MQLs and driving more opportunities

Seconize’s lead generation pipeline started growing around 250% in less than two quarters and the Omni-channel approach helped manage the incoming leads better.

Lakshmipathy says, “I would definitely recommend Fuego. I have worked with Digital marketing agencies in the past and I know Fuego’s team is able to understand the bottleneck quickly and come up with the right campaigns for conversions.”

Lakshmipathy says, “We now plan to continue expanding to countries outside India and scale faster. Fuego will help us to further scale our company and grow together.”