Increase in webinar registrations by over 300% in 10 months.

Ramco Systems offers cloud, mobile, chatbot and voice-ready ERP, HR, Global payroll, logistics, EAM and Aviation M&E MRO software.

Ramco partnered with Fuego to work on marketing for the Payroll and HR module to drive MQLS from webinars, conferences and events.

Creating a strategy for smarter Marketing

Hubspot’s inbound marketing platform has been used extensively for Marketing Automation at Ramco. They had lots of content on webinars and blogs. They also hosted webinars consistently. Hosting & attending Industry conferences and events were also part of their Payroll & HR team’s marketing efforts. Ramco had various marketing activities across modules by different teams in several locations.

Some of the activities included:

    • E-mail marketing
    • Events
    • Sales Outreach
    • PPC ads
    • Re-targeting ads

A smarter strategy was required to track the ROI from all sources separately and to increase the MQLS.

Creating the blueprint for success

Fuego started by identifying the prospect companies and their decision makers. All data across verticals and platforms were collaborated and segmented across various buyer stages.

Personalized elements in Email copy
All marketing emails were filled with more personalized elements depending on their buyer stage and previous engagements.

Appropriate Call-to-actions
The email copies were updated appropriately and call-to-actions were added. The call-to-actions were then tested on various experiments to find what gets them the most registrations.

Nurturing Workflows
Nurturing workflows to track and convert contacts to leads were created on Hubspot. MQLS were tracked and handed over to the sales.

“I want to appreciate the efforts of Fuego Systems in your stint with Ramco in efficiently executing the HCM Lead Nurturing project.

1. Very detailed planning and execution of workflows were done
2. Email content was well crafted as per the context.. be it event meeting fixes, product offering or innovations
3. Well maintained tracker and always responsive on calls.”

Cynthia Rajan, Product Marketing Manager, RAMCO

Mining the prospect data for Account Based Marketing and Nurturing

At Ramco, we combined our inbound marketing efforts with account-based nurturing and sales strategy that involved prospecting, nurturing, qualifying and setting up meetings with multiple high-value accounts and prospects.

We developed a comprehensive list of accounts and contacts for account-based marketing. While tracking the metrics from the inbound marketing efforts, we’ll qualify and add accounts and contacts on to our ABM list-if they fit into our criteria based on company head count and designations.

ABM Insights and Sniper Targeting were the champions in helping us achieve what was done for Ramco in this short amount of time.

Intelligent, efficient and effective use of Hubspot to create organized workflows, tasks, and personalized content to our target list.

Based on the user’s lifecycle and the engagement rate, the prospects scoring were adjusted. By aligning the sales and marketing teams at this level, we were able to increase the effectiveness of our personalized messages and drive the leads to MQLS and SQLS.

Growth in 10 Months

Ramco leveraged its content in a more effective way, and the prospects valued the personalized emails. The marketing funnel was flipped and re-invented with Account based marketing techniques and an Omni-channel approach. Engagements across all platforms were tracked and the enticing emails converted prospects to quick breakfast meetings or a coffee chat at the conferences. The leads were prioritized and nurturing workflows were updated and managed until the leads were converted to MQL’s. We had goals to increase the registrations for webinars and it got increased by close to 300% in 10 months. Interactions during conferences and events were also updated and re-targeting ads helped to close the loop in the conversions.

Considerable results were achieved on the MQLS and SQLs too and the sales team had lot of data on the prospects for them to interact and schedule demos.