Nuvizz a leading dispatch management software company in Atlanta increases their webinar registrations and leads by over 50%.

Increase website traffic by


Increase qualified leads by over



WellRyde and Gojentha, the Nuvizz companies offers dispatch management software company in Atlanta & Bangalore offered affordable and simplistic dispatch management, people management and K-12 transport management, & NEMT trip dispatch software.
They focus on K-12, NEMT, trip dispatch, people movement, and delivery management.
GoJentha offers a robust single window mobile platform that manages all the stakes holders like vendors, Transport Companies and Customers with seamless integration and visibility to support People Movement, Package Movement and Field Movement activities. WellRyde enables efficient optimized routing, trip assignments, driver visibility. With advanced real time fleet monitoring using automatic vehicle locator (AVL).

The challenge

Nuvizz partnered with Fuego to drive the Digital marketing for WellRyde and Gojentha. The goal was to increase the traffic, study the user behavior in the website, increase the engagements and get more registrations for Webinars. Additionally, quality B2B leads were required for the sales team. The challenge was identifying the right stake holders and getting the right message for them.


Fuego started by optimizing the website first and setting up heat maps to track user behavior. The website content and UI were then modified based on the results. Gojentha’s website was completely re-designed with specific messaging using relevant illustrations and explainers. The content and messaging were drafted based on the data collected from the heat maps and online research.

Competitor Study

A detailed analysis of their top 5 competitors was done that included the following.

1. Competitors web traffic
2. Traffic statistics and sources
3. Their demography, Geography
4. Their advertising budgets online
5. Their ad copy and landing page copy
6. Their best performing keywords
7. Their offers and price model
8. Their sales funnel-like social media, Email, etc.,

Our SEO experts optimized the website pages.Emails copies and messaging were optimized and included appropriate call-to-actions. Nurturing workflows were set up to increase webinar registrations.

The Results

Through the partnership with Fuego, Nuvizz started seeing growth on both their companies WellRyde and Gojentha. The website traffic went up 90% within the first three quarters. They experienced an enhancement in the quality of their leads and MQLs were passed to the sales team.

The contacts database saw an increase month on month. Even their clients started coming back to their website that resulted in an increase in the engagement. A consistent pipeline of leads weas generated using PPC. Fuego’s approach of personalized messaging helped them to increase traffic, conversions and engagements across multiple touchpoints and devices.